What Is the Role of Blockchain in Politics?

In just a few years, blockchain, the technology that powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, has gone from irrelevancy to becoming a hot subject. Several national leaders have joined the blockchain ecosystem as they recognize its multifaceted applications. Agencies are starting to trial and test blockchain applications for payments, supply chains, identity management, secure data […]

Factbox - What to Look for at China's NPC Meeting of Parliament

China’s rubber-stamp parliament, the National People’s Congress (NPC), wraps up on Monday, capping what is expected to be the biggest government reshuffle in a decade after setting a modest target for annual economic growth. Coming months after President Xi Jinping secured a norm-breaking third term as supreme leader, the sessions will further consolidate his authority […]

The Battle for Control: Governments and the Decentralization of Blockchain

Blockchain is the ultimate disruptive technology, capable of decentralizing power and creating a more transparent and equitable society.” These words by Don Tapscott, an influential author and blockchain expert, capture the essence of how blockchain technology can transform industries and the world as we know it. At the heart of blockchain lies decentralization, which enables […]

The Twisted Relationship Between Social Media and Politics

The ability to reach millions of people from behind a flickering screen is something we may take for granted today on sites like Twitter and Reddit but is no less a powerful tool not to be taken lightly. The relationship between social media and politics runs deep in today’s connected world, too deep for comfort […]

Impact of Technology in Politics: The Internet and Democracy

The potential effects of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) on democratic processes have resulted from the exponential growth of the Internet. Taking into consideration the complexities of democratic administration and the historical ramifications of the digital era, the debate’s scope concerning the impact of technology in politics is astonishing. What is the Impact of […]