Three Web 3 Jobs that will Solely Rise in Demand 

Web 3 Jobs

What exactly is Web 3.0, what will change with its advent, and how will the world look integrated with the 3rd generation of the internet? These are tough questions to answer. 

Web 3 is, in the simplest words, a blockchain-based internet. A decentralized, permissionless, censorship-resistant; these are the fundamental tenets of Web 3. The more you operate within that understanding, the greater your chances of finding a place in one of the millions of Web 3 jobs that will be created in the future.  

Welcome to the creator economy and the decentralized ownership of the digital world. Many things are similar, but nothing will remain the same. Here are the most promising professions that will only increase in demand as Web 3 evolves.  

Community Managers  

Community managers will be in increasingly high demand, especially those native to the crypto world and social media tools such as Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and others.  

It’s not just filling up followers, shooting out ad after ad and hoping for the best, or even just answering comments. It is legitimate managing and many times leading a community of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of members, patrons, investors, and enthusiasts, keeping them updated on all that goes on with the blockchain, your application, team’s plans, progress, etc.  

Ask anyone in today’s crypto world what the most important thing will lead to the success of a Dapp – decentralized application – the community.  

Though community managers are underappreciated today, the trend is clear. Paid ads, search engine optimization (SEO), and influencers are all well and good, but at the end of it, a friend’s recommendation of a product will often hold sway, and marketers are catching on.  

The community doesn’t stop at your discord channel, of course; your brand identity, the influencers, and businesses you partner with, contributors and freelancers all culminate in community-driven innovations. A business is built with connections, and this person has to be a well networked, well-read, and well ‘traveled’ individual who can make things happen and connect you to the people they need.  


Nothing new, so long as there is the internet, a kind of digital product, or any product with a digital presence, will need a good developer.   

Despite the rise of No-Code and the saturation of web developers in some parts of the world, that can all change once you decide to learn a new language.  

The languages you know will determine the blockchain you work with.  Here are the topmost used languages in blockchain development are as follows:  

  • C++  
  • Python  
  • Java  
  • Solidity  
  • Vyper  
  • Golang  
  • C#  
  • JavaScript  
  • Simplicity   
  • Rholang 

In a digital-first world, we’re always going to need developers to take our ideas and bring them to life, and the demand, right now, far outweighs the supply.  


Needless to say, the demand for designers is not going anywhere. In fact, it will most likely continue to rise as it becomes more necessary for any brand, product, or service to maintain a visual identity as part of its digital presence.  

A decentralized internet means more small businesses will need their designers and resort to freelancers, agencies, or in-house designers. Either way, designers will have a significant role in the evolution of Web 3 and the people, as well as businesses that run them.  

AI assisted content creation can only go so far without a professional to perfect it, and the promise of a digital world known as the metaverse vows a near infinite demand for new, well thought out, and well-executed designs.  

Clearly, knowledge in cryptocurrency, marketing, and development is at the crucks of future jobs for many people. Wherever your skills take you, the third generation of the internet will likely have something for you.  

In the early 2000s, no one could have predicted that people could make a living just through the internet, but here we are. Only time will tell what wonders will a blockchain-based internet bring to the table.