Top 15 Metaverse App Platforms to Join Now

Metaverse App

There is a Metaverse app out there for almost anything you can think of. If it exists in Web2, it most likely has a Web3 counterpart in the works or on the market.

The idea of “the metaverse” is becoming more and more well-known; the august 2022 issue of the renowned TIME magazine even has a cover story about this fascinating subject. Since Facebook changed its identity, the metaverse has gained prominence, and new initiatives are constantly launching, offering creative and lucrative use cases.

This article examines the top Metaverse applications currently available. We will explain what they are and why they are regarded so highly. We will also be examining the numerous advantages of joining them.

Let us first answer one essential question before we move on to our top picks.

What makes an Application ‘Meta’?

What is the difference between a regular app and a so-called “Metaverse app”? A Web 3 application or Metaverse platform would have at least one of the following traits:

  • Decentralization 
  • Interactivity
  • Corporeality 
  • Creator Economy
  • Interoperability

The Metaverse is characterized by its interconnectedness and decentralized nature. It is also a space where virtual environments can be co-created, populated, and enriched by its residents, and gives its participants the freedom to exchange funds across the platform. What truly makes an application a Metaverse app is if those funds can be transferred into the real world or at least a separate ecosystem or application, but not all the apps on our list necessarily do that.

The 15 Best Metaverse Apps for 2022

Projects with compelling use cases and high-value potential are included in the list of metaverse apps that are provided below. The section after this one will focus on these initiatives.

  1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best Metaverse Platform with Upcoming App
  2. Axie Infinity – Best Metaverse App for PVP Battling
  3. Roblox – Innovative Metaverse App with a Huge User Base
  4. MOBOX – Top Gaming Ecosystem with User-Friendly Android App
  5. Decentraland – Best Metaverse Platform for Virtual Land Investing
  6. MojiPop – Metaverse Avatar Creator
  7. Mines of Dalarnia – Free-to-Play Dungeon Crawling Metaverse Game
  8. The Sandbox – Rich Metaverse World with Endless Customizability
  9. Cindrum – Metaverse Multiplayer Game
  10. Metaverse Experience Browser – AR Metaverse App
  11. Zepeto – Huge Metaverse App with 3D Avatar Customization
  12. Bloktopia – Best Metaverse App for VR Integration
  13. Enjin – Innovative Metaverse Platform for Creating In-Game Assets
  14. UHive – Metavere Social Media
  15. Meta NFT Maker – Make NFTs in One Application

Each of these apps can be in any given Metaverse niche, from games to exchanges, to NFT creation apps. Some are a mixture of multiple and others niche down to one, and some don’t even utilize blockchain technology. Although there is a debate around whether the metaverse can exist without blockchain technology.

What all these Metaverse apps have in common is that they each help users engage with the newest iteration of digital connectivity.

Now let’s look at each of these applications in detail and see what they’re all about.

Battle Infinity – Full Metaverse Ecosystem with Upcoming App

A play-to-earn (P2E) battle game platform called Battle Infinity offers players the chance to earn prizes. Battle Infinity, which is housed on the Binance Smart Chain, furthermore provides a rich 3D environment dubbed the “Battle Arena,” where users can explore and engage in social interactions.

The Battle Infinity ecosystem consists of 6 different components, each having to do with a different aspect of the Metaverse:

  • IBAT Premier League – an NFT-based fantasy sports league where users can create teams and battle for points.
  • IBAT Battle Swap – Allows users to swap one token for another.
  • IBAT Battle Store – A gaming store filled with P2E games.
  • IBAT Battle Stake – A crypto staking platform.
  • IBAT Battle Market – A platform for trading and Minting NFTs.

IBAT, Battle Infinity’s native token, is used in these functionalities. The platform is utilized for transactions and rewards distribution inside the Battle Infinity ecosystem. IBAT allows users to buy virtual land parcels that can be monetized using in-world billboards. Battle Infinity doesn’t yet have a mobile app, but the development team has said that it will soon release one.

Investors interested in purchasing Battle Infinity can do so during the project’s presale phase, which will soon hit its soft cap. Joining the official Telegram channel, where all significant announcements are posted, will allow anybody interested in learning more about this new metaverse software to do so.

Axie Infinity – A Metaverse App for PVP Battling

Axie Infinity is probably already known to those who routinely purchase cryptocurrencies since this metaverse platform gained popularity in 2021. The game peaked in November 2021 with an astounding 2.7 million daily active users.

Players can acquire creatures called Axies in the Axie Infinity universe and engage in combat with other players’ Axies to win prizes. These prizes are given out in AXS, the native token of Axie Infinity. Additionally, players can simply purchase, sell, and trade Axies on the game’s marketplace because they are all designed as NFTs.

Roblox – Innovative Metaverse App with a Huge User Base

Roblox is not a blockchain-based metaverse software. Rather, it is a Metaverse in its own right. One can say it is the first iteration of a true Metaverse. It is an online gaming platform that enables players to make their own games and play those made by others.

The Roblox Corporation, the firm that created Roblox, is a publicly listed corporation, so stockholders can purchase shares to participate in the platform’s expansion. When RBLX shares more than quadrupled in value in a little over a month in 2021, this rise was exponential. Roblox’s widespread popularity, which saw the site boast over 202 million monthly active users in April 2021, was largely to blame for this.

Roblox continues to be one of the top 10 metaverse applications since it is free to use, even though the buzz has partly diminished. But individuals who use Roblox to make games can be paid by selling in-game objects, opening the door to monetization. Finally, users can access this captivating virtual world while on the road thanks to Roblox’s dedicated mobile app.

MOBOX – Top Gaming Ecosystem with User-Friendly Android App

MOBOX is a top-ranked metaverse application on our list. According to CoinMarketCap, MOBOX is a “community-driven platform” in the GameFi industry that combines yield farming with NFTs. Users can play several P2E games and receive prizes within the “MOMOverse.”

Players are rewarded for skill and participation in these free-to-play games, and can exchange NFTs and buy mystery boxes that contain arbitrary prizes in addition to gaming. MBOX tokens can also be staked in order to provide a large yield.

MBOX can be used for governance as well, giving platform users a voice in how it develops. The fact that MOBOX can be downloaded as an app through Google Play makes it without a doubt one of the best metaverse apps on our list.

Decentraland – Best Metaverse Platform for Virtual Land Investing

It goes without saying that Decentraland is one of the most popular metaverse applications right now. MANA, the platform’s native currency, has become one of the top metaverse currencies for investors as a result of its popularity. This was demonstrated by the token’s price rising by 700% by the end of 2021.

In the 3D world of Decentraland, users can make avatars and explore the extensive setting. Notably, users can buy NFT-structured virtual land parcels within this realm (called LAND).

These LAND tracts can be made money in a variety of ways, including through in-world advertising. In order to communicate with other users, users can also construct 3D “scenes.” Although Decentraland doesn’t have a native mobile app, Android users can explore the enormous universe of NFTs connected to the network using the “Decentraland Explorer” app.

MojiPop – Metaverse App for Avatar Creation

In comparison to the other applications, the MojiPop application focuses more on the visual and cosmetic aspects of the Metaverse. Users who wish to navigate some Metaverse applications and platforms must sometimes have an Avatar at hand.

MojiPop helps you give your avatar a new look. You can change your avatar in a variety of ways, such as by adding amusing stickers or creating caricatures. With only two touches, you can also quickly share something fresh. The Metaverse is included in this program, which also offers users an extremely nice picture editor and promotes high interconnectivity.

Mines of Dalarnia – Free-to-Play Dungeon Crawling Metaverse Game

Mines of Dalarnia is one of the greatest play-to-earn games using metaverse themes. Due to the fact that it is free to play and allows users to amass in-game things and level up their characters, this game has a high metaverse app ranking. The ‘dungeon crawling’ aspects in this game are reminiscent of the incredibly popular Diablo series.

Players can mine for materials across the stages of Mines of Dalarnia, which they can then use to improve the tools or stats of their characters. Since players must beat creatures in each level, there are also built-in battle systems.

Mines of Dalarnia’s native token abbreviated DAR, serve as the game’s money. DAR, which can be used to buy goods on the in-game market, is used to pay out rewards. No matter how powerful their PC is, users can easily use the platform because Mines of Dalarnia is a web-based program.

The Sandbox – Metaverse App with Limitless Customizability

Without adding The Sandbox, no list of the top 10 metaverse applications would be complete. One of the finest metaverse NFT initiatives to debut in recent years is The Sandbox, which offers a platform for individuals all around the world to express their ideas.

The ‘VoxEdit’ function of The Sandbox’s platform allows players to design in-game buildings. These buildings are constructed with “voxels,” which are similar to the 3D cubes made famous by Minecraft. Once a building is created, it can be put together as an NFT and sold to others.

The native currency used for transactions on The Sandbox marketplace is SAND. Additionally, users have the option to develop 3D games without any programming knowledge. SAND has gained popularity among investors as a speculative asset.

Cindrum – Metaverse Multiplayer Game

With the addition of a few new elements that alter how you play the game, Cindrum reinvents the conventional multiplayer video game by fusing it with the brand-new Metaverse concept. You must create an avatar for this game in order to interact with the game and travel the Metaverse, just like the games mentioned before on this list. Additionally, you can interact with other avatars in the game, which adds a much-needed social component. Not to mention, the visuals are rather outstanding for a smartphone application.

Metaverse Experience Browser – AR Metaverse App

Users of this Metaverse app can design their own virtual environments and the items that fit within them. The application’s usage of AR-based technologies is the cause of this. This can be quite helpful in settings like online meetings and classrooms when one person is in charge of explaining things to a group of people or a class. You can of course expand on this metaverse app by creating original material, such as memes, short stories, and the like with virtual characters provided by the app itself.

Zepeto – Huge Metaverse App with 3D Avatar Customization

Zepeto is one of the top apps for the metaverse available today. Users can build 3D avatars and connect with others on Zepeto, a metaverse platform created by the South Korean internet company Naver Z.

In the virtual world, users can communicate with their friends and purchase virtual goods like apparel and accessories. Major apparel companies like Nike and Gucci have also capitalized on the popularity of this metaverse by developing digital versions of well-known products.

Along with the ability to create 3D locations to hang out in, Zepeto players could render selfies into the game to use as an avatar. Zepeto, a cryptocurrency game, is now in a fantastic position to nurture innovative collaborations with other top businesses thanks to its 300 million+ global users.

Bloktopia – Best Metaverse App for Virtual Reality Integration

Bloktopia is one of the most impressive recent launches in the metaverse real estate market. The platform is essentially a 21-level virtual skyscraper created to honor the fact that only a maximum of 21 million Bitcoins (BTC) can ever be mined.

Using BLOK, the platform’s native currency, users of Bloktopia can purchase space within this massive building. After that, users can rent out their virtual properties to make a consistent income. Additionally, a healthy economy can start thanks to the in-world mechanisms, giving people the chance to profit from rises in the value of their property.

Additionally, Bloktopia places a lot of emphasis on virtual reality (VR), giving consumers an opportunity to have an entirely immersive experience. Due to Bloktopia’s size, a mobile app is not yet available for use. However, interested parties can buy BLOK tokens and keep them in many of the leading cryptocurrency wallet applications to profit from the project’s development.

Enjin – Innovative Metaverse Platform for Creating In-Game Assets

With a price increase of over 320%, Enjin became one of the greatest cryptocurrencies to invest in. The overall popularity of metaverse initiatives at the time, which could all profit from Enjin’s use cases, was largely to thank for this growth.

Enjin is software that enables developers to build and manage virtual commodities on the Ethereum blockchain, according to the definition given by Kraken. These items include in-game money and NFTs, which can be traded between various blockchain video games.

The software development kit (SDK) offered by Enjin is simple to use, making it simple for developers to create in-game assets and sell them to gamers. Enjin also offers a dedicated mobile app that serves as a cryptocurrency wallet, giving users access to the decentralized web as well as a place to store NFTs and other digital currency.

UHive – Metaverse Social Media

With the aid of Blockchain technology, among other things, UHive drapes the Metaverse concept over today’s ubiquitous social media ecosystem. You can use UHive to participate in common activities like social networking and other community-based services. Additionally, you can make an NFT out of your own material or profile and therefore expand your prospects in the NFT sphere. This program seeks to add value to all content types and to establish a universal currency within its universe. Finally, its layout is intended to provide the users total control over both their content and privacy.

Meta NFT Maker – Metaverse App for making and trading NFTs

Although there are numerous apps like it on the market, Meta NFT Maker has a unique selling point of being an all-in-one platform. Using cutting-edge AI technology, you can create cryptographic works of art that you can then advertise on the internet. After employing AI to generate your work, you can mint it onto a Blockchain like Polygon. Overall, using this program is really simple and doesn’t need any prior knowledge on the part of the user. But, be ready to cough up around $15 minimum to use its token for art generation.


The Metaverse continues to expand in popularity, and soon many stops seeing it as the wild west and more like a new world to try their luck in. The next generation of the internet will be built on the old, and add elements of interconnectedness, decentralization, and interoperability to applications that we all love to use today.