Engineering is at the core of technological advancements. Without the efforts of engineers around the world, no breakthroughs and innovations would have been possible. The latest sciences and engineering indicators report indicates that the number of women in sciences, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) represented 34 percent of the total workforce. In 2021, 14 percent […]

When we say the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, certain things come to mind oil, the origin of the Islamic religion, Arabian horses, coffee, the world’s largest desert, extravagant palace, the country where women were not allowed to drive, and much more. However, until quite recently, the role of Saudi Arabian women in the Kingdom has […]

It is no surprise that the female presence in industries is barely presented. One cannot deny that many tech industries lack a fierce female dominion, and we see this clearly in the overall atmosphere with the biggest names in the tech sector, such as Apple, Samsung, Google’s Alphabet, Microsoft, and many more. But now, a […]

Back to the Future

Since the birth of the telegraph and the telephone in the 19th Century, women have played an imperative role in the history of telecommunications. ‘Cable girls’ were huge contributors to both the industry’s development and also the overall improvement of women’s working conditions throughout the 20th Century. As in most sectors, telecoms never gave women […]